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Henderson’s Best

5.5% | 650 ml bottle $5.95 | 473 ml Can $3.05 | 2l Growler $12.00


Henderson’s flagship, Henderson’s Best, is a modern take on classic English Ale – refreshing, with a mild floral nose and an ABV of 5.5%.  To create this beer we tried to imagine the beer first brewed in Toronto at the beginning of the 19th century and how it would have changed and matured over the 215 years between then and now.    That recipe, tweaked throughout 2015 became Henderson’s Best.  Best won an award at the 2016 (Bronze) and 2017 (Gold) Ontario Brewing Awards.  Available at the LCBO (481481) and Beer Stores in cans.  

“Henderson’s Best is no misnomer as one of the greatest craft beers in the city” – Blog TO

“A beer that lives up to its name, and then some” – Sharp Magazine

Digestive biscuit and caramel notes mingle with an English hop bitterness all resting on a light, creamy body. It’ll stand up to, but not clash with, most cheese plates and deliciously trashy party packs of frozen hors’d’oeuvres” – Crystal Luxmore

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