In Ides of...

Ides of October – Dark Lager – The Ghost of Prohibition |  6% abv |  650 ml bottle – $7.95 – Limited to 1206 bottles

As 1897 came to a close, a man’s Dead body was found in the railway underpass at Keele St, just north of Dundas.  The man had spent the previous night at the nearby Subway Hotel, one of many watering holes in the Junction.  Having parted with his last nickel, he was walking home to Weston Road when fate ended his life.

Though an inquest found he had been murdered, no suspect was named.  The local residents blamed the hotel where he had his last drink and used his death to fan the flames of the temperance movement.

Here a ghost was born.  Some say that, after prohibition was enacted the Junction in 1904, the ghost could be seen wandering the old watering holes in search of a drink.  That ghost roamed the neighbourhood streets until he was freed from the curse of prohibition 97 years laster in 2001.

Our dark lager is a salute to the Ghost of Prohibition.  With roasty, chocolate biscuit aromas and a perfect balance of malt sweetness and hop character, this beer is designed to keep any wandering soul warm and satisfied on a cold night.

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