In Ides of...

Walking the path to the brewery during the year we were building it, we couldn’t help but notice the art that bloomed as the summer went on. The local artists beautifying the path gave us something new to look at and brought out the flavour of the neighbourhood. With Banksy down the road, and the opening of MOCA, we thought it was time to recognize and toast one of them.

Style: Biere de Garde with Ontario Peaches*

OG: 15.5 Plato

ABV: 6.5%

IBU: 20

SRM: 10

Malts: Belgian Pilsner Malt, Munich, CaraRuby, Melanoidin, Carafa Special

Hops: Goldings

Yeast: Escarpment Kolsch Ale

Extras: 450 kg Ontario Peaches

Aroma: dominated by peachy smells. Ripe peach flesh shines through. slight hint of toast in the background

Appearance: light copper with orange hues. Cloudy with persistent white head and some lacing on the glass

Taste: Juicy fruity peach and nectarines up front with complex floor of crackers, toast, and baking bread flavours. No perceptible hop bitterness or flavours. Mild earthy notes at the end. Finishes dry encouraging another sip. Very slight alcohol warmth.

Mouthfeel: medium low body with crisp, effervescent carbonation. Slightly prickly on the tongue. Dry on the finish without astringency.

 Overall: A fruit-forward, peachy farmhouse ale. 

*Biere de Garde is a traditional French farmhouse beer style. Think of it as the malty cousin of Saison.

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