In Ides of...

This months beer is a collaboration with Run TO founder Dan Grant.

Here is the story …

One day, Dan Grant thought “I could really use a beer.” Then he thought “I need to go for a run.” He ended up doing both. Now, Dan sometimes finds himself leading as many as 250 runners to beer. RunTOBeer — the largest free running community in Canada — visits breweries all over Toronto, is open to anyone and raises thousands of dollars for local charity Good Foot Delivery. “Beer and running are two very social things and both are very democratic,” says Dan. “Just like there’s a beer for everyone, there’s a run for everyone.”  This year, Dan was asked to create the first official Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon beer, with the help of Elite Canadian marathoners Rachel Hannah & Reid Coolsaet. We were glad to work with Dan to create the perfect beer to reward yourself, whether you’ve completed a 5K or a full marathon.

Style: North American Hoppy Wheat Ale. This is a tough one. The beer is light, hazy, and has a ton of hop flavour but was brewed, as you’ll see below, with Belgian yeast. It also doesn’t have a ton of bitterness.
OG: 11.5 Plato
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 20
SRM: 5
Malts: Pale, wheat malt, Abbey malt, flaked oats, flaked wheat
Hops: Citra, Southern Cross. Note this beer was also dry hopped with both Citra and SC
Yeast: Abbey Ale – the same strain we use in Rube, Ugly, and Symington.
Aroma – Lemon oil and peel upfront with notes of pepper spice, clove, and pine in the background.
Appearance – Deep gold with streaks of orange. Hazy. Rocky, persistent white head with significant lacing on the glass.
Taste – Citrus pith with lemon zest and slight peppercorn spice, and pine notes. Slight bready character in the middle followed by medium low bitterness and a touch of minerality in the finish. Finished dry and thirst quenching.
Mouthfeel – Medium body, higher than expected for a low alcohol beer. Medium-high carbonation, slightly prickly on the tongue. Finish encourages another sip.
Overall Impression – A light, hazy, quenching ale with a big hop aroma and low bitterness.


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